Who We Are

A Bit About Me

Hey! I’m Kortnee the face behind the camera here. I’m a dreamer at heart, never have idle hands, addicted to coffee, mommy to one beautiful, expressive, adventurous daughter, wife to my high school sweetheart. (13 years & going strong!) We live a happy, fun, quiet life in Southeastern Wisconsin.

I want to tell your story, showing up and taking your picture simply will not do. Let’s get to know each other – let’s meet for coffee, set a play date, hangout. Tell me about your life, your family, your favorite things.

I have a raw, natural, earthy approach. I love to get outside and follow trials, find the shady spots and the trees where the light shines through at the perfect angles. I like to get out and adventure, let the kids run around and explore. There’s something so glorious about exploring the earth and capturing the raw, real emotions between human beings and the world that surrounds them.

I’ll be the one to set you up with a full session experience, and since our value in family runs deep Chris my husband photographs along side of me for weddings and other special events. Have any questions? Just ask. We’re here to make this truly a fun one of a kind experience so don’t hesitate!

What we believe

Why we do what we do

I believe a photo is more than just a snap shot of a moment in time. A photo tells a story, it surrounds you with the things you remember most, the mood, the light, the trail you paved. It remembers the perfection of the time when you cannot. It remembers details – little flakey toes, toothless smiles, a passionate kiss. What I hope to give you to is the gift of a story. Let’s explore together and capture this story so you can retell it one day, and your children can remember it someday.